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    Zippy Paws Slow Feeder for Dogs Ice Cream

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    Does your dog feel “waffle” after eating too fast? Then the Happy Bowl Ice Cream can help with its clever design that helps your dog eat 10 times slower! This interactive slow-feeding dog food bowl features interior raised textures and separate sections that help your pet pace their eating to prevent choking, gulping, vomiting, and bloating. Designed with a non-slip base, this dog food bowl stays in place and helps reduce spills and slip-and-slide action while your dog enjoys their mealtimes. The Happy Bowl Ice Cream can hold up to 4 cups of dry dog food and can be used with your pet’s favourite treats, wet dog food, or pet bone broth.


    • Ice cream slow feeder food bowl for dogs designed to help your pet eat 10x slower!
    • Holds up to 4 cups of dry dog food and can be used with bone broth, wet pet food, and treats
    • Unique shape with raised interior design that makes eating challenging and fun for pets
    • Helps pace your dog’s eating speed to better manage habits
    • Can prevent bloating, choking, vomiting, and gulping for your dog
    • Non-slip base to secure food bowl in place
    • Great for dogs of all ages and sizes

    Size: Approx. 33cm x 22.5cm x 5.5cm