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  • 3 Key Tips for Keeping your Indoor Cats Happy

    3 Key Tips for Keeping your Indoor Cats Happy

    Cats can be very happy and thrive indoors. Providing some essential items will help keep them mentally and physically stimulated. Read our 3 key tips for keeping your cats happy indoors.
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    Image of a Greyhound laying peacefully on a comfy pet bed

    Why your pets bed matters

    Deciding on the right type of bedding for your pet can be challenging with all the options available on the market. We've broken down each bed type to help find the right bed for your pet.

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    Kitten Sharing a Bowl of Food

    Moving Your Pet to a New Diet

    We know how daunting transitioning to a new food can be. With many animals in our care, RSPCA Victoria understands how important it is to introduce new food to animals slowly. 
    If you're considering the switch, here's a guide on how to introduce your pet to a new food.
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