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Yours Droolly Carsafe Car Harness Medium

Fitting Instructions -
Loosen straps and unclip both buckles
Place harness flat on the ground, with both D rings facing down
Step the dog’s right foreleg into the harness “triangle” with the padded chest strap between the paws
Lift the harness, and starting with the neck strap, clip the straps together
Adjust each strap to fit your dog for comfort - not too tight

Measure your dog before selecting a harness size
The breeds pictured wearing the harness are for demonstration purposes only and are not an indication of harness size
Medium – Size 3

• Neck (A): 40 - 50cm
• Chest Circumference (B):50 - 60cm
• Chest Depth (C – distance from neck to just behind forelegs):18.5cm
Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Corgi, Scottish Terrier, Blue Heeler, Poodle