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Tropiclean Perfect Fur Short Double Coat Shampoo 473ml

Tropiclean’s Perfect Fur range is specifically formulated to enhance each unique coat type. From Curly to wavy coats, to smooth and silky, every dog deserves a perfect fur day.
Tropiclean’s Purfect Fur Short Double Coat shampoo is designed for dogs with those short thick coats who love to roll around in anything they can find! Designed to deep clean, reduce shedding and freshen the coat, the perfect mix for your short coat four legend friend.
Ingredients: Purified Water, Mild Coconut/Palm Cleanser, Cationic Guar Gum, Botanical Blend Of (Plum Extract, Ginger Extract, Lavender Extract, Cucumber Extract, Honeydew Melon Extract, Vanilla Extract, Hydrolyzed Potato Protein, Sweet Potato Extract, Pineapple Extract), Odor Neutralizer, Vitamin E, Viscosity Builder, Fragrance, pH Adjusters, Preservative