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  • TROPICLEAN Fresh Breath 2 Weeks Dental Trial Kit

    RSPCA is a not-for-profit organisation. Money from this purchase will be used to assist animals in need.

    TropiClean strives to perpetually innovate the finest products in the pet industry; producing high quality products to enrich the lives of pets and their people. A portion of TropiClean’s revenue goes directly to supporting the poor in countries like Guatemala and Haiti through their non-for-profit organisation, Gifts of Love International, and programs like Landon’s Helping Paws.

    TropiClean Fresh Breath Dental Trial Kit is a 2-week trial kit uniquely formulated to help promote clean teeth and a healthy mouth. No brushing is required! This pack contains 2 x 14ml bottles - Clean Teeth Oral Care Gel and Dental Health Solution.

    Clean Teeth Oral Care Gel is a mint-flavoured gel which helps remove plaque & tartar. Simply apply 2 drops to each side of your dogs mouth daily to see cleaner teeth in 30 days or less. The Dental Health Solution his a water additive which may help provide fresher breath in 14 days or less with daily use. Add half a capful to 250ml of your dogs water bowl. Results may vary.

    • Fresh Breath Trial Kit
    • 2 weeks worth of premium Tropiclean Products
    • Pack contains: Oral Care Gel (mint flavoured) + Dental Health Solution Water Additive, both 14ml
    • Gel can be used with tooth brushing or by itself