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  • Peters Parsley Lunch Bowl w/Carrot 130g

    RSPCA is a not-for-profit organisation. Money from this purchase will be used to assist animals in need.


    A delicious treat for smaller pets, this parsley bowl from Peters is filled with dried carrots. Everything is edible, meaning your guinea pigs and rabbits can nibble and chew away to their heart's content.

    Product Benefits:

    • Delicious treat to keep your pet happy and stimulated
    • Provides hours of nibbling pleasure
    • Helps keep your pet’s teeth clean and trim

    Helps keep your pet’s teeth clean and trim

    Small animals’ teeth grow constantly. While your pet is nibbling and gnawing contentedly on the delicious bowl and carrot chips, the chewing action helps to keep their teeth trim.

    Suitable for all breeds of adult rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats.

    Feed Peters Parsley & Lucerne Bowl with Carrot to your pet as a supplement to the main diet.

    Weight: 130g pack