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  • Kazoo Lookout Window Mounted Cat Bed

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    The Lookout By Kazoo Window Shelf Bed For Cats is a Unique Elevated Bed That Your Pet Will Adore
    • This window mounted bed provides your cat with with a safe, elevated sleeping platform for fun and relaxation
    • Cats love being up high to observe their territory, escape from dangers, and see who is in their surrounding environment 
    • Fantastic for relaxing daytime naps in the sun
    • The bed has 4 suction cups and extenders attached to the corners which allows for easy installation
    • The cover is made of durable nylon material 
    • Mounts onto any smooth, non-porous clean surface
    • Portable and can be positioned inside or outside
    • Holds up to 20kg
    • Safe and secure
    • Can hold multiple cats
    • Machine washable cover


    • Nylon Cover: 66cm length x 32cm width 
    • Height from cover to top suction cups: 62cm 


    • The surface on which you mount The Lookout must be nonporous and very clean - a clean, dry surface will provide a tighter suction seal and grip
    • Inspect and re-secure the suction caps periodically, as over time the seal can weaken
    • The Lookout can be attached to any smooth-surfaced glass panel
    • Suitable for single or double panelled windows and sliding doors
    • Position The Lookout at a height that is accessible for your cat
    • Be mindful of your cat’s age and capabilites - older cats or cats with joint conditions may need a lower position 
    • Do not mount The Lookout above anything that is valuable, breakable or could hurt your cat
    • The Lookout must not be placed above any open flame or heat source
    • While The Lookout is strong and can readily support the weight of your cat, it is not designed to be leaned against or pulled on - make sure your kids are aware of this