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  • Kazoo Crinkly Pineapple Cat Toy

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    The Kazoo Crinkly Pineapple is a no brainer compared to its controversial cousin (who may or may not belong on pizza). This plush pineapple is made with a special crinkle material that feels and sounds irresistible to cats of all ages! It also features natural catnip inside that can help even the most anxious pawsonalities bliss out on feel-good vibes.

    Quite simply, this pineapple is ther perfect addition to any plush pizza.


    Contains catnip - a natural plant from the mint family. Cat's love to paw at it, rub it, roll in it, lick it and even chew it. It brings on blissed out feelings.
    Crinkles - stimulating and encourages interaction as the sound and texture trigger cat's natural instincts to prowl and play
    Height: 21cm
    Width: 9.5cm
    Depth: 4cm