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  • Kazoo Butterfly High Wand Cat Toy

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    What’s better than one plush butterfly? Two! The Kazoo Butterfly High cat wand has a fun interactive design and shiny texture that triggers cats’ natural instincts to chase, prowl and pounce. And when they’re not playing like a fierce urban tiger? It’s also the perfect way to play interactively with you!

    • Interactive - a great cat toy for playing with your pet. Playing together encourages bonding.
    • Elastic rope for spring-back play
    • Active - keeps kitties agile and entertained
    • Contains catnip - a natural plant from the mint family. Cat's love to paw at it, rub it, roll in it, lick it and even chew it. It brings on blissed out feelings.
    • Variety of textures to trigger primal play and hunting instincts


    Wand Length: 54.5cm
    String & Toy Length: 66cm