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  • Beco Sindy The Starfish Eco Friendly Rough And Tough Plush Dog Toy


    RSPCA is a not-for-profit organisation. Money from this purchase will be used to assist animals in need.

    Sindy The Starfish is not like any ordinary starfish, she has witnessed the harsh impacts on her environment and has decided to make a positive change!

    • The toy is made from renewable, recyclable materials, designed to decrease the amount of plastic in the ocean and add joy and happiness to your dog’s life
    • It is super tough with double stitching and double layers to withstand rough play and stick around for the long run
    • Sindy is a very attractive starfish with velvet-soft fabric on her front and durable nylon material on her back  
    • The funky bright colours will add spark to playtime and make it easy to see in the yard or around the home
    • The five sturdy arms make the toy great for tossing like a frisbee far through the sky
    • Stuffed with plush material made from recycled plastic bottles making it soft and cuddly for snuggle time in bed and to comfort your pooch
    • The panels are woven together and reinforced with a second layer of recycled cloth for extra hardiness
    • The double stitching and tough nylon edges will help to keep the toy in one piece when your dog plays rough
    • There is a puncture-free squeaker inside the toy to lure your pup to come play!
    • The engagement level will remain high during play until your pooch is all worn out   
    • Provides your dog with both mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy and healthy
    • Helps satisfy your dog’s primitive instincts to chase, fetch, jump, hunt, and play
    • Sindy’s natural habitat is being filled with an increasing amount of plastic waste, therefore 5% of Beco’s profits will go towards the Beco Foundation designed to support animal and environmental causes
    • The packaging is also printed on recycled carboard


    • Medium: 26cm height x 25.5cm length x 5cm width
    • Large: 29cm height x 27cm length x 6cm width