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  • Pounce and Play Playful Pedicure Infinity Cat Cardboard Scratcher

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    Cat scratcher and lounger in one! This is the new, convenient answer to those ugly scratching posts. Specially made for cats who enjoy scratching, playing, and lounging around. Designed for owners looking to reclaim their homes from expensive furniture scratches, misplaced cat hair, and unattractive pet products.

    • Long lasting - durable and long lasting, do not have to worry about changing the pad frequently
    • Practical - can also be as a bed and the cat can sleep on them in directly;
    • Stable structure - the honeycomb structure designed to make cardboard more stable, not easily deformed
    • 1 bag of catnip included
    • Environmentally friendly - using corrugated paper material advanced technology, healthier for your pet and the environment

     Measurement: approx. 56cm L x 20cm W x 18.5cm H