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    Black Dog Wear’s Smart Leads are one of those "Why hasn't anyone thought of that before" designs. A quality lead for everyday use, with the added advantage of being length adjustable and enabling you to securely tether your dog to a tree or pole without unclipping the lead from your dog or tying knots in it.

    The rated strength is related to the breaking strain of the Plastic Buckle in the handle when used for tethering. In normal walking the lead is substantially stronger, but the rated strength is due to the plastic buckle being the least strong component.

    Care should always be exercised when tethering a dog, to make sure the dog is safe and supervised, that pathways are not restricted by the tethered dog (not all people are comfortable near dogs) and keep in mind that an agitated dog could easily chew through any lead to escape.

    Smart Lead - Regular - rated for Tethering dogs up to 26 kg.

    Length Adjustable 0.8 to 1.5 Metres - 25mm wide webbing - Medium Snap
    Smart Leads are rated for tethering strength - based on the breaking strain of the buckle in the handle.
    The Lead is significantly stronger when the buckle is not in use.