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  • Black Dog Wear Balance Harness Small


    When dogs pull on leash they lean forward, using their weight and strength to pull against the leash - we often reinforce this by pulling back on the leash and inadvertently train the dog to pull even harder.

    The Black Dog Balance Harness helps break this feed-back training and helps train your dog to balance on all fours when on the lead. They learn to walk comfortably without the need to pull.

    o Gently Stops Dogs Pulling and allows Effective Training
    o Control from the Front and the Back, using a Double Ended Lead
    o or Just Connect at the Front, with a normal lead.
    o Easy to Fit and adjust - comfortable and strong.
    o Restores Balance and allows Effective Lead Training.

    A great Walking Harness, and an effective training tool which should be used as part of a training program to reduce your dog's tendency to pull on lead.

    This harness is not a multi purpose harness and should not be used to tether or restrain your dog in the car. Its best not to use this harness with a lead longer than 2 metres.

    How to measure:
    Use a soft measure tape to measure the girth of your dog.
    Place the tape measure around your dog's body, just behind the front legs.
    Pull it to be a tight, snug fit and read off the measurement.

    Now check the chart below, to select the correct size.