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  • Kazoo Bouncy Fish Cat Toy

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    The Kazoo’s Bouncy Fish cat toy is a fun, feathery toy your cat will love. Designed to be able to suction onto windows, smooth tables, or walls, this toy will provide the best springy entertainment for your cat while keeping them entertained, mentally alert and igniting their natural instincts.
    Features & Benefits:

    • Contains catnip - a natural plant from the mint family. Cat's love to paw at it, rub it, roll in it, lick it and even chew it. It brings on blissed out feelings.
    • Suction cap - you can fasten to windows, smooth tables or walls for bouncy play sessions
    • Stimulating play as toys with movement encourage engagement


    Height: 21cm
    Width: 8cm
    Depth: 2cm