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  • Kazoo Crinkle Unicorn Cat Toy

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    Abra cat-abra! The Kazoo Crinkle Unicorn makes boredom disappear like magic. Not only is it made with a special crinkle material that feels and sounds irresistible to curious cats, it’s also got natural catnip inside that can help even the most anxious pawsonalities bliss out on feel-good vibes.


    Contains catnip - a natural plant from the mint family. Cat's love to paw at it, rub it, roll in it, lick it and even chew it. It brings on blissed out feelings.
    Crinkles - stimulating and encourages interaction as the sound and texture trigger cat's natural instincts to prowl and play
    Height: 25cm
    Width: 11.5cm
    Depth: 5cm