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  • Advocate for Cats Over 4kg 6 Months


    • Once a month, easy to apply spot-on flea, heartworm and worm protection
    • Kills fleas fast and on contact, so there's no need for fleas to bite
    • Unique, ongoing protection from worms between treatments
    • Protects against lungworms and heartworm disease
    • Treats and controls adult and juvenile roundworms and hookworms, reducing environmental contamination
    • Safe for kittens from 9 weeks and any weight
    • Reduces the incidence of flea allergy dermatitis
    More Information

    Advocate provides a convenient, easy-to-use spot-on, applied monthly providing fast relief from fleas, preventing deadly heartworm disease, and providing ongoing protection from common intestinal worms including adult and immature stages of roundworms and hookworms. Advocate is the only product that protects against both species of lungworms that cause disease in cats.

    Advocate also kills ear mites and feline mange mites. Unlike most other products, Advocate kills fleas on contact, and stops re-infesting fleas from biting in 3 - 5 minutes, reducing the incidence of Flea Allergy Dermatitis.

    Advocate is safe for kittens from 9 weeks of age and ferrets weighing 0.8 kg or more. Water-resistant.

    Active Ingredients

    100g/L Imidacloprid, 10 g/L Moxidectin