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  • Deciding on the right type of bedding for your pet can be challenging with all the options available on the market. It can be an especially tough choice during winter, when the weather turns cold and our pets need that extra level of comfort.

    You may have a new puppy who thinks their brand-new bed is a wonderful toy to play with, or a gentle older dog who wants a nice comfortable place to nap while they take some weight off their tired joints. If you’re struggling to decide which type of bedding would work best for the four-legged friend in your life, we have a few tips to help find the best bed for your dog or cat.

    Raised dog beds are quite common for outdoor use but they can also be handy for indoor use to help keep pets off the cold floor in a laundry or on a tiled surface. Elevated dog beds are often made from strong material designed to withstand rips and tears. Another advantage of raised beds is that the covers are often replaceable, so if your dog happens to scratch a hole in one, you can simply replace the cover, which is often a lot cheaper than replacing a whole bed. The Kazoo Daydream Bed is a classic elevated dog bed with plenty of airflow and strength to support heavier breeds. While raised beds are very popular for outdoor use, we recommend bringing your dog and their bed over the colder months.

    It’s important to note that larger, heavier, breeds may require more joint support from their bedding as the weight of the dog can lead to their bed making contact with the hard ground beneath them, which can be hard on their joints.

    A memory foam bed, or orthopedic bed, is ideal for larger breeds, as well as older dogs who also need extra support for their joints. High density memory foam is designed to be load bearing while contouring the body perfectly, making this a great choice for comfort and joint health.

    Image of a small dog happily laying across the Kazoo Wombat Bed

    Like people, dogs can sleep in all different positions through the night. It’s important to note how your dog or cat is comfortable when they sleep, as some will sprawl across reaching each size of the bed, while others will love to curl up and snuggle into the side of a soft bed. The position they like to sleep in can help you work out the best shape and type of bed for your dog.  

    For example, donut shaped pet beds provide a nice, plush resting area for your dog. And cats love them too! They are rounded beds with fluffy high sides, which helps encourage your dog or cat to snuggle inside while also providing them with a comfortable resting spot.

    If your dog loves a good chew, a tear resistant material would be best to stick to with bedding. Canvas is a great material to help reduce those stuffing blow outs. Distracting your dog with a toy or treat will mean they can redirect their chewing and help extend the life of the bed.

    Image of a ragdoll cat laying on the Kazoo lookout, looking out the window from inside.

    Let’s not forget our feline friends. Most cats love a nice, warm bed, particularly in the colder months. Many cats also love to hide in small places when feeling unsure of new environment, or if they feel like some alone time, which makes igloo cat beds very popular, particularly for nervous cats An igloo can provide a great level of comfort and security The Rogz Igloo Pod is a fantastic hybrid, as your cat can use this as a well secured igloo bed, as well as a flat, high sided bed if they would just like somewhere to curl up and snooze.

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