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April 07, 2022 2 min read

Easter can still be fun and enjoyable for your pets at home.
While our furry friends can’t enjoy the sweet chocolate treats with us, there are alternatives they can feast on instead.

Set up an Easter enrichment hunt for your dog.

Get those noses to the ground with your pets very own Easter hunt, minus the chocolate!
Hide some of your pet’s favourite treats around the backyard, or inside the house.
Throw in some high smelling treats underneath cardboard boxes and couch cushions to really get their noses working.
Instead of chocolate, try Carob Buttons or Yoghurt Drops!
Black Dog branded Carob Buttons treats for dogs   Black Dog branded Yoghurt Drops treats for dogs
In small amounts these can be a great sweet treat for our four legged friends.
And for the big finale, end their fun enrichment hunt with a nice reward. This can be anything from a pigs ear, to a new toy for them to enjoy.

Don’t forget the cats!

Did you know it can be quite enriching for cats to search for treats as well? Try hiding treats around your cat’s favourite room in the house. Let them hunt and sniff out their rewards.
Get involved with toys such as the Go Cat Feather Teaser.
Go Cat branded Cat Wand with Feathers toy for cats
Some cats prefer to chase toys over hunting for treats. Set up a play area for your cat while chasing their favourite wand.
Hunting Enrichment games encourages your cats to engage their own natural drive, switching on instincts such as stalking, chasing and even pouncing.

Things to remember.

Hide all chocolate and sweet treats up high, out of reach of both dogs and cats
After any Chocolate based easter egg hunts, do a sweep of the area to make sure all chocolates and sweets have been collected.
If you think your dog may have eaten chocolate, seek veterinary help immediately.