WAG Trail Mix Natural Dried Treats For Dogs 200g

RSPCA is a not-for-profit organisation. Money from this purchase will be used to assist animals in need.


WAG Trail Mix Dried Treats For Dogs Are Yummy Healthy Snacks Packed Full Of Flavour
  • This mixed bag of multiple meat types is perfect for the indecisive canine or the one that just wants it all!
  • The tough and juicy snacks are perfect for any time of day
  • The beef, pork, chicken, fish and kangaroo morsels will appeal to your canine’s taste for natural food
  • The irresistible, strong smell of the jerky will have your dog licking their lips as soon as you open the packet
  • Made from 100% natural meat
  • High in protein to promote lean muscle maintenance
  • Low in fat to encourage an ideal body composition
  • Grain-free – fantastic for sensitive canines
  • Single ingredient pieces – each piece is either 100% kangaroo, pork, chicken, fish or beef with no fillers, preservatives or artificial colours and flavours
  • The meat is sourced from Australian butchers
  • Slowly air dried to retain the essential nutrients and rich flavour
  • The rough texture will provide a fun, scrumptious activity
  • Promotes oral health  the natural abrasive action of the teeth and gums against the treat helps to keep them clean and healthy
  • Provides your pal with a fun chewing challenge to keep them mentally and physically stimulated
  • Made in Australia


  • 5 – 10cm length x 3cm width x 1cm thick
  • This is a natural product, therefore sizes may vary