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Urine Off Urine Finder UV Led Mini Light For Urine Detection

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Urine Finder By Urine Off UV Led Mini Light For Urine Detection

Valuable tool for:

  • Identifying exact areas that need cleaning with urine removal products
  • Achieving complete clean up while toilet training new pets
  • Environmental cleaning and control of areas where pets tend to inappropriately urinate
  • Maintaining hygiene and control of odour in household  pet toileting areas

How it works:

  • Elimination of urine smell can best be achieved if “invisible” residual urine, which is left behind after standard clean-up, is also removed.
  • Using this blacklight, urine that is not visible with the naked eye will fluoresce, indicating where the urine has been deposited.
  • Dried urine has a salt crystal structure that causes it to fluoresce a dull yellow colour under this ultraviolet (UV or \"black\") light.
  • The light allows better visibility of the urine, so these surfaces can now be properly cleaned with urine removal products.
  • The Urine Off black light produces the optimal UV light wavelength needed for urine to fluoresce, so you don\'t have to have the room perfectly dark, or have the light source extremely close to the surface being checked
  • Urine is not the only substance that will fluoresce. Some soaps and detergents have components that fluoresce, even after rinsing thoroughly, as well as some fabrics and lint. These will usually fluoresce a bright white or even blue-ish hue, not the dull yellow of urine.


  • Approximately 9cm long


  • Use protective eyewear: Prolonged and direct exposure to UV light can be harmful to the eyes. The ideal type of protective eyewear is safety goggles that can be purchased at any local hardware store. These glasses, like most eyewear made today, filter UV rays.


  • 3 x AAA batteries – not included