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  • Plutos Cheese & Peanut Butter Dog Chew


    Plutos Cheese and Peanut Butter Dog Chews are full of rich minerals and proteins. Lactose free and easy to digest, this long lasting treat has no nylon, no rawhide and no nasties in it.

    Made from 100% natural ingredients, the chewing action of this delicious hypoallergenic reward helps aid in dental health while working towards eliminating bad breath. Produced with high quality ingredients, lactose free milk protein, rich in essential amino acids and gluten free, the Pluto Cheese dog treat does not splinter when chewed. Making it easy to digest and one of the healthier chews on the market.

    Available in 3 sizes to suit most dog breeds.

    Ingredients: Casein (high quality lactose free milk), fat and minerals (including sea salt and calcium). PRESERVATIVES AND ANTIOXIDANTS: Vitamin E. NATURAL ADDITIVES: Emulsifier NATURAL COLORANTS: anato, beetroot, cochonilha, licopeno. NATURAL FLAVOURS (yeast extracts; oil enhancer, chicken, krill, salmon oil, peanuts and peanut butter – depending on the chew flavour)

    Typical Analysis: Protein 55%, moisture 16%, crude ash (minerals) 11%, soluble carbohydrates 9.9%, fat 2%, crude fibre 1.5% calories 303kcal/100g.

    Size guide:

    Small – for dogs under 10kg

    Medium – for dogs between 10-20kg

    Large – for dogs over 20kg

    As always, supervise your dog when eating chews. Always ensure fresh water is available.