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  • Pet One Small Animal Mineral Chew Carrot

    RSPCA is a not-for-profit organisation. Money from this purchase will be used to assist animals in need.

    Pet One Small Animal Chews assist with maintaining good dental health whilst providing entertainment and enrichment.
    Available in a variety of textures and fun, colourful shapes and styles that assist in satisfying the natural gnawing instinct in small animals.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Encourages good dental health whilst satisfying the natural gnawing instinct in small animals
    • Provides enrichment to help reduce stress and boredom
     Mineral Chews provide a source of calcium and sodium for your pet
    • Coloured with pet safe all-natural food dyes
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Available in available in a variety of styles

    Suitable for: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and other Small Animals

    Specification: 35g

    Warnings & Disclaimers:
    • Intended for small animals only.
    • Keep out of reach from children.
    • This is not a child’s toy.
    • Remove the packaging before giving the item to your small animal.