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    Go Cat Da Birdie Attachment Cat Toy

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    RSPCA is a not-for-profit organisation. Money from this purchase will be used to assist animals in need.

    This attachment features a bird made from feathers and deer hair, which is designed to attract your cat’s attention and awaken their hunting and chasing senses. Use this attachment to make your Da Bird Cat Wand Toy (sold separately) more interesting for your cat to play with or use it as a refill whenever you need to renew your cat wand.


    • Da Birdie Attachment refill for Go Cat cat wand toys
    • Features a bird made from deer hair and bird feathers to attract your cat’s attention and rile up their natural hunting instincts
    • Great to use to switch up Go Cat Da Bird wand attachments to keep your cat interested
    • Made in the USA

    As this is a natural, handmade product, there may be slight variations to colour and features depicted in photos.

    Size: 8.89cm

    Get the Go Cat Da Birdie Attachment to extend the fun for your cat!