Fuzzyard Ready Teddy Hoodie Winter Cream

The Ready Teddy Hoodie is the perfect basic for the cooler months! With a new take on fuzzyards original Teddy Hoodies, this Hoodie is still just as soft and cosy. The Ready Teddy is available in three new swatches and a handy pocket for those sneaky treats.
Made from Polyester, Non-Toxic and non-allergenic material. The Ready Teddy Hoodie is best cared for under a gentle machine wash.
Measuring tips:
• For the most accurate measurement of your dog’s coat size, start by measuring from the base of their neck, to the base of their tail. For deep chested dogs, measure the circumference of the deepest part of their chest.
• If you find that your pet is in between sizes, go for the larger size! This way you will have room for growth or an increase in coat thickness.

Fuzzyard Sizing Guide:
Size 2: 44 – 45cm Length -> 30 – 33cm Chest
Size 3: 51 – 52cm Length -> 35 – 38.5cm Chest
Size 4: 59 – 60cm Length -> 40 – 41cm Chest
Size 5: 66 – 67cm Length -> 45 – 46.4cm Chest
Size 6: 76 – 77cm Length -> 59 – 62cm Chest
Size 7: 86 – 87cm Length -> 69 – 72cm Chest