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    Fuzzyard Life Dog Coat Quilted Cotton Wrap Vest Slate Grey

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    Keep your pet warm this winter with the Fuzzyard Life Quilted Cotton Wrap Vest. This stylish and modern dog coat has been designed with fashion in mind. The soft and plush lining provides ultimate warmth for your dog while the quilted cotton outer helps shield them from cold winds. With fast fit Velcro straps, your pet will love this new jacket as a wardrobe staple.


    • Designed in Australia
    • Lined with high quality plush material
    • Velcro closures
    • Harness hole for easy lead attachment

    Available in multiple sizes to suit most dog breeds. Machine wash in cold water or hand wash with like colours. 

    Sizing Tips: To get the best measurement of your dog, use a soft seamstress measuring tape and measure your dog from the base of the tail (where the tail meets your dog’s back) up the base of your dog’s neck (where their collar usually sits). This measurement is best done when your dog is standing at a relaxed posture. 

    For a more accurate measurement, you can also measure your dog’s girth (the circumference of your dog’s chest from behind their front legs to the top middle of their back where the shoulder blades are). As well as your dog’s neck (measuring the lower side or widest part of your dog’s neck where their collar would sit). 

    If your dog sits between sizes, we recommend being on the bigger size rather than the smaller size so there is room for movement and adjustment.