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Frontline Plus Flea Treatment for Dogs 10-20kg Blue

Frontline Plus flea control for dogs is an easy, spot on treatment designed to protect your canine friend from fleas and ticks, plus flea eggs and larvae in their environment to keep them protected.
Monthly application will help deplete the flea population overtime and protect your environment from re-infestations.
Features & benefits:
• Can be used in puppies from 8 weeks of age
• Safe for use on breeding, pregnant and lactating bitches
• Waterfast – can be used on dogs who are shampooed between treatments.
• Treats and controls flea allergy dermatitis
• Treats and controls biting lice
For protection against paralysis ticks, apply every 2 weeks. Apply monthly for protection against brown dog ticks.
After application of FRONTLINE PLUS, you can handle your pet as soon as the application site is dry. Your dog can be bathed or shampooed from 24 hours after application.
Fipronil, one of the active ingredients in FRONTLINE PLUS, causes fleas to become hyperactive and therefore more visible before dying.