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  • Feliway Anxiety Spray 60ml

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    FELIWAY Spray can be used on specific objects, in temporary environments, and as a supplement to FELIWAY Diffuser.
    Specific use in temporary environments, or on new or marked objects
    • If a new object is being introduced to the home, e.g. a new sofa, FELIWAY Spray should be applied directly onto the object if safe to do so
    • FELIWAY Spray should never be sprayed near an open flame

    Urine marking
    • FELIWAY Spray should be sprayed directly onto the places soiled by the cat and on prominent objects that could be attractive to the cat.

    Help cats cope with car travel or cattery stays
    • Apply FELIWAY Spray to the cat carrier or cattery cabin approximately 15 minutes before introducing the cat to allow the alcohol to evaporate. 1 spray should be administered to each of the 4 corners, 2 sprays to the floor and 2 sprays to the top or ceiling of the carrier or cabin
    • In a cattery, cabins should be re-sprayed after daily cleaning. If the cat will not leave the cabin, bedding can be removed, sprayed and re-introduced 15 minutes after applying FELIWAY Spray
    • If travelling, ideally, the cat should have eaten nothing for at least 6 hours to avoid nausea and vomiting, but don’t limit water intake before travelling
    • Re-apply FELIWAY Spray before each journey, after thorough cleaning of the carrier

    How to use:
    Easy on-the-go support. During car journeys or when going to the vet, spray directly in your cat’s carrier. Simply spray on doorways, cat-flaps, window sills and prominent objects around the house.
    For areas which have already been scratched or urine marked, clean marked areas thoroughly, then once dry, apply FELIWAY Spray At home: Re-spray daily to reduce the likelihood of re-marking.
    During car journeys: Re-spray every 4-5 hours, noting each animal is unique and may respond differently.
    Always wait 15 minutes before letting your cat near any sprayed areas.
    Never spray directly on your cat.
    Never spray in the carrier if your cat is inside.
    Do not spray on the scratching post, it will prevent your cat from using it!