Bunny Box

This Bunny Box will help keep your smallest of furry friends entertained. 

Each item in this box has been hand selected by our dedicated staff to ensure bunnies and guineas at home will have a hopping and popping time exploring the goodies inside. 


  • 2 Small animal brushes: 1 plastic pin comb for detangling, and one soft bristle brush for a shiny coat.
  • Mini flea comb
  • Small terracotta bowl
  • Pet One Lava Hanging chew
  • Multiple toys for multiple amounts of fun!
  • Mineral Chews
  • Oxbow Treats

Once the box is empty, you can turn it into their very own enrichment toy! Lay some straw and hiding holes inside and let your little critter enjoy sniffing out and finding all the delicious treats you have hidden for them.