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Beco Pets Beatrice The Butterfly Friendly Catnip Interactive Wand Recycled Plastic Cat Toy

For the widest of eyes and bushiest of tails. Whisker tingling catnip wrapped in cloth made from recycled plastic. The panels are woven together with double stitching. It makes the seams that much stronger so your cat can enjoy their toy for longer.

Beatrice The Butterfly is not like any ordinary butterfly, she has witnessed the harsh impacts on her environment and has decided to make a positive change!

  • The toy is made from natural, renewable, and recyclable materials, designed to preserve the environment, and add joy and happiness to your cat’s life
  • It is super tough with double stitching and strong textured material to withstand rough play and stick around for the long run
  • The butterfly can erratically fly around and entertain your feline due to being attached to a long stretchy cord and wooden wand
  • The beautiful bright colours will add some spark to your cat’s life
  • Stuffed with 10g of ‘whisker tingling’ North American catnip to drive your cat crazy with delight and keep them engaged in play
  • The wand is made of wood and is extremely sturdy for never ending entertainment  
  • The soft flappy wings and crinkly material will attract your feline’s attention
  • Soft and lightweight - perfect for dangling and batting fun
  • Stuffed with plush material made from recycled plastic bottles 
  • The double stitching will help to keep the toy in one piece when your cat plays rough
  • The long stretchy cord allows you to dangle the butterfly in front of your cat and ignite their feline instincts to chase, hunt, pounce, bat, jump, and play
  • Provides your cat with both mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy and healthy
  • Beatrice’s natural habitat is subject to environmental degradation, therefore 5% of Beco’s profits will go towards the Beco Foundation designed to support animal and environmental causes
  • The packaging is also printed on recycled cardboard.



Butterfly - 45cm