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Outback Tails Martingale Collar Mina Mina

The Outback Tails Martingale Collars have been designed for walking with sighthounds and dogs with heads narrower than their necks such as greyhounds, whippets and salukis. Martingale collars work to protect these breeds when they pull on their collar as the thickness of the design will not cut into their neck like a more narrow collar could when they lurch or pull on a walk. 

The martingale loop on the collar will pull together and tighten the collar gently and control your dog from pulling when you tug on the leash that is attached to the d-ring. 

Outback Tails Martingale Collars are made from cotton canvas that has been wrapped around nylon webbing and come in 3 sizes. Please measure up your dogs neck to ensure you choose the right size for your dog. 

Small - 18cm to 28cm (2.5 wide) Suited to larger Italian Greyhounds & small Whippets (smaller Ig's may find the hardware a bit bulky on their fragile necks). 

Medium -  -36cm to 42cm (4cm wide) -  Whippets

Medium to Large -38cm to 46cm (4 cm wide)  - Greyhounds