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  • ProGroom Deodorising Shampoo 500ml

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    ProGroom’s Deodorising Shampoo is a unique deodorant shampoo formulated to neutralize and remove odours from the coat, leaving your pet smelling fresh!
    To be used on wet or dry coats before brushing to help maintain coat health at home, while leaving the coat feeling fresh and luxurious. Gently comb and brush through for best results.
    • Deodorises and removes bad odours, leaves a fresh clean scent
    • Good for all coat types, will not alter coat texture
    • Safe for old or young pets
    • Gentle cleansing with no drying of coat or skin
    • Easy rinse soap-free formula leaves no residue
    • Long lasting fresh fragrance
    • pH balanced for safety and effectiveness.
    To be used as a 6:1 dilution and pairs perfectly with ProGrooms Rehydrating Conditioner.
    For grooming advice and tips, contact your professional groomer.