Fringe Studio Nosey Dog Spot Stoneware Bowl

RSPCA is a not-for-profit organisation. Money from this purchase will be used to assist animals in need.

The Fringe Studio’s PetShop Nosey Dog Spot Stoneware Bowl One Size is a medium-sized round clay food and water bowl for dogs and features a white matte glaze finish with a dog decal design and exposed clay base.


  • Medium round stoneware dog food and water bowl with decal art inside bowl
  • Matte glaze finish and exposed clay base
  • Safe to use in microwave and dishwasher
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized dogs

Colour/Design: White Matte Glaze w/ Exposed Clay Base & Nosey Spot Dog Decal Art

Size: One Size (Medium)

Measurement: Approximately 16cm (diameter) x 6cm (height)

Material: Stoneware (Clay) Bowl, Decal Art